White is a frog base color. White

White frogs are required for the following awards:

  1. Polka Party: all 4 frogs must be white: a White Carota Puncti, a White Viola Puncti, a White Caelus Puncti, and a White Muscus Puncti
  2. Safari: 4 of 8 frogs must be white: 4 White Picea Zebrae
  3. Black and White: all 3 frogs must be white: a White Picea Puncti, a White Picea Roboris, and a White Picea Spinae
  4. Jailbirds: there are two options for this award: 8 White Picea Partiri OR 8 Black Albeo Partiri
  5. Cattle Drive: all 8 frogs must be white: 4 White Bruna Bovis and 4 White Picea Bovis
  6. Yin Yang: 1 of 2 frogs must be white: a White Picea Spinae

Note that 4 of these 6 awards require white frogs with the secondary/pattern color Picea.

Weekly Sets

Bullseye: White Tingo Corona x4

Whiteout: White Albeo Anura

Winter Magic: White Callaina Glacio, White Caelus Glacio

Full Deck: White Picea Roboris, White Tingo Roboris, White Picea Floresco, White Tingo Adamantis

Fine China: White Caelus Ornatus x4, White Caelus Pingo

Floris Arrangement: White Floris Roboris

Earth, Fire, Water, Air: White Caelus Sagitta

Emerald Isle: White Albeo Anura

Inkblots: White Picea Crustalli, White Picea Nasus, White Picea Calvaria, White Picea Arbor, White Picea Magus

Apple Halves: White Cafea Floresco x2

Duality: white Picea Biplex x4

Onions: White Albeo Bulbus x2

Clowning Around: White Floris Ludo

Binary Data: White Picea Orbis, White Muscus Orbis, White Picea Sagitta, White Muscus Sagitta

Deep Freeze: White Cafea Arbor

Yuletide Greetings: White Tingo Marinus

Pandamonium: White Picea Clunicula x3

Sweethearts: White Floris Obaro x2

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