Violet Albeo Roboris frogs to complete the Valentine award.

Violet is a pink-purple base color for frogs. It is more reddish than the pattern color Viola.

Violet frogs are required for thse awards:

  1. CMYK: 1 of 4 frogs must be a Violet Picea Anura
  2. Valentine: all 8 frogs must be Violet Albeo Roboris
  3. Endangered 4: 1 of 2 frogs must be a Violet Callaina Corona
  4. Legendary 1: 1 of 2 frogs must be a Violet Caelus Insero

Weekly Sets

Rainbolt: Violet Albeo Figularis

Nose Art: Violet Muscus Pictoris x2

FroYo: Violet Callaina Coclearis x2

Fractals: Violet Callaina Fractus x2

Mother's Day 2013: Violet Aurum Floresco x2

A Kiss: Violet Albeo Roboris, Violet Albeo Janus

Quilting: Violet Pruni Quilta

Kaleidoscope: Violet Muscus Adamantis

Flowers for Mom: Violet Floris Obaro

Easter Eggs: Violet Aurum Marinus, Violet Albeo Ludo

Sweethearts: Violet Albeo Obaro x2

Ring Tones: Violet Albeo Gyrus

Clowning Around: Violet Callaina Ludo

Ballerinas: Violet Ceres x4

Blacknosed: Violet Picea Nasus

Easter Time: Violet Floris Insero

Argyle Socks: Violet Pruni Adamantis x2


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