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The Veru species is a level 16 (legendary) breed of frogs. Veru means "dart" or "javelin" in Latin.



16 (Legendary)


9.709 - 10.980

Growth Time

1d, 21h

Delivery Time

1d, 21h

Flies To Tame


XP For Taming

970 - 1.098

The Veru frogs have legs in the base color, a body in black, and an inverted U-shaped stripe in the secondary color. Veru frogs are unlocked at level 16 and are one of two of the last frogs you unlock. Veru was the best racing frog until version 2.0, and some frogs' speeds can exceed 100. Frogs with totals of speed plus stamina > 214 are to be compiled below.

A spreadsheet of all Veru statistics can be found here.

Award Primary Secondary Pattern Quantity
Legendary 4 Green Aurum Veru 1

Speed and Stamina

Maroon Aurum: Speed - 108 Stamina - 108

Azure Albeo: Speed - 109 Stamina - 107

White Callaina Speed - 107 Stamina - 108

Weekly Sets

Ocean Motion: Yellow Caelus Veru

Yellow Jackets: Golden Aurum Veru x2

Neon Veru: Black Callaina Veru, Black Aurum Veru, Black Floris Veru, Black Folium Veru

Glow in the Dark: Black Folium Veru x2

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