I have taken this from the Bioshock Wiki, but it applies to all wikia wikis, including Pocket Frogs Wiki.

October the 6th was the first day that the new Wikia layout is visible for viewers on all wikis. If you have been following the recent staff blogs, you will know what this means. If not, then I suggest you go check it out now:


The new layout includes drastic changes. Many of these will be a shock to experienced contributors. I cannot list them all here, but a few of the biggest changes are:

  • All pages will be fixed width (1000px wide).
  • The navigation bar to the left of articles will be completely gone.
  • Most pages have a side "rail" on the right which limits the width of article content.

How to view the new layout:

  • Go to Special:Preferences and click on the "Skin" tab.
  • Click to place a bullet next to "New Wikia Look."
  • Click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

Timeline of change

October 6, 2010
  • The new look will continue to be default for logged-out users on the beta wikis
  • All logged in users will be able to “switch on” the new look for themselves on any wiki they visit.
  • All new wikis created will automatically use the new look.
  • Every wiki in the Wikia Lifestyle Hub will showcase the new look.
October 20, 2010
  • All users will see the new look on every wiki.
  • Logged in users will have the temporary option of viewing and editing wikis in Monaco.
November 3, 2010
  • The option to use Monaco will be removed. (This is the website theme that we currently use)

What does this mean for us?

We will need to begin work on Pocket Frog Wiki's colour scheme etc. for the new layout, and hopefully we can get it finalised before it becomes the default for all viewers.

In the meantime, you can help out by turning on the new skin in your preferences and letting us know if you see anything that looks broken on the site. This could include pages that look unaligned or have overlapping elements, or text that is hard to see because it is a bad color.

Keep in mind that some problems may be glitches that you should report directly to Wikia using Special:Contact. If you view this wiki in Internet Explorer you will see many glitches.

I have created a forum page where you can list any glitches that you see. Please visit it here: Forum:Problems with the new skin

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