• I am a level 7, looking for a good racing frog such as the Red Tingo Spinae. If anyone can give some expensive frogs too that would be great, in need of some money right now. Thanks!

    Also if you have some rarity 9+ frogs i will take any, but i doubt anyone will offer me one.

    My Gamecenter is ToTTCHie

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    • Edit. I'm Level 8 now

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    • Hey,

      I really would like to send you some frogs, but the big problem is that we all can't add new friends via GameCenter, since Apple has released iOS10 and decided to not support the GameCenter anymore.

      We all are desperately waiting for the promised update of the game, which should us allow to add friends again, and hopefully the abitility to copy our game from one device to another, without losing progress. :) 

      More infos here

      Happy Hopping, Thomas

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    • Hi!  I'm also willing to send you frogs!  (see my profile page for other various bits of info)  If/When the game is updated, that is.  I've put a lot of time into the game, and would like to now start helping others...  

      Zhisio ~

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    • A FANDOM user
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