• I'm looking for a Symphonia as I love music, but my level isn't high enough ... anyone willing to send a gift?  I'm level 26.  Willing to share what I have.  Thanks.  username: LTLMISS

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    • Hello!

      I would be glad to send you a Symphonia (do you have any specific color(s) in mind?); however, currently I'm not able to add friends in Pocket Frogs until the developers update it, but hopefully that will be soon and I'll be able to send it!

      GCID: Zhisio

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    • Hey Almeda/ltlmiss, long time no see! :D

      Since I have you still on my friends list in GC, I started our good old iPod4 and I tried to purchase a Symphonia from my catalogue, in the hope that sending frogs between old GC friends still works. And it worked! (at least it said the frog was sent^^)

      Have fun with your new froggie! (as always in my traditional color comination Cocos Aurum) 

      Happy Hopping, Thomas :) 

      PS. I sooo hope that one day nimblebit will FINALLy release the promised update, so that we all are able to share frogs again, and that we hopefully will be able to copy our complete progress from one device to another. I really (still) love that game but I have no intensions to start from scratch for a 3rd time... :/

      If I really should do, then I want to be 100% sure that copying game progresses doesn't lead to a total loss. 

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    • A while back, in an email I received from Support, it was said that they were currently working on Bit City, and that after its release, the developers will dive back into Pocket Frogs, so, seeing as Bit City is out, I'm very much hoping that the update is soon to come!  


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    • I keep my fingers crossed! :D 

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    • Thanks OnkelOhio!  And Zhisio - I sure hope so.

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