• So I had a thought of adding a page for every single breed of frog (all 38,272 of them) to this wiki.  All the pages would be short and consistent with each other and would include a picture of the frog with its stats, description of colors etc. Yah, I realize that if I did 5 pages a day, it would still take me over 10 years to complete, but it might possibly be less if many people helped... Do you think this is a stupid idea?  Is there anything viable to it?  Any other ideas that this idea might spawn?


    - Frog pages could quickly get out of hand, as some people may not keep pages that they create consistent with the other frog pages.

    - Takes a million years to complete

    - There is not a good way to capture what the Chroma frogs look like with screenshots, and it would probably take a long time to create .gifs for all Chroma frogs.


    - Online Froggydex

    - It would be a long-term project that would possibly draw users to help add to the wiki because the pages would likely be simple, and could easily be created (thinking of creating a template, etc.)

    - Frog pages could then be physically grouped into categories such as "speediest racing frog" or "frogs with most stamina"

    - There would be pictures of all frogs in the game.

    - Would make the wiki look more "complete," in terms of indexing almost everything in the game there is to be indexed.

    Anyways, what are your thoughts?  If you think this is a really bad idea, do you think there's anything in this idea that can be salvaged and turned into a viable idea? 

    ~ Zhisio, the now-deranged frog enthusiast ~

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