• Can anyone send me a Tribus (any color)? My Gamecenter ID is revelationes.


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    • I've sent you a friend request. My/our ID is !Muffi!

      Thomas and Jacqueline) :)

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    • Thanks

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    • How do I get Hennae, Gemma, Fortuno, Emblemma, Quillta, and Palma? I already got Amfractus and Ornatus.

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    • These frogs will be unlocked as soon as you have reached their level (Palma 23, Gemma 28, Hennae 30, Quilta 31, Fortuno+Emblema 32). Even them you can find them while hopping through the pond. With much luck one of them appears as a special offer in the FrogMart so you can buy it for 25 potions. Or you can receive them from other players. The downside is that until you haven't reached their level you can not breed/cross them to get the color combination you want (although you can tame and cataloguize them).

      So, either you have to wait until you reach a level high enough, or you are lucky and another player is able to send the frog you want in the color combination you want. 

      As far as I remember in my old game I have an Gemma to spare - if that helps you...

      Do you want it?

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    • I think I will wait. Anyway, can i get any color of this pattern: Glacio, Lanterna, Ludo, Marinus, Dextera, Geminus, Bulla, Orbis, Obaro, Persona, and Vinaceus.

      Thanks, before. Sorry, I asked a lot, but I missed the opportunity to get any copy of them.

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    • maybe dont send it at once, since my mailbox might be full.

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    • Your order is noted. I will send them over the next few days, but I have to hurry because I have to send this iPod back to Apple. It is already the 2nd device (I got this one in exchange for the first one) that broke, only after 2 months... :/  

      So far I dunno if I will ever restart the game on a new device again. I really love that game but:

      On our old iPod (iOS 6) I reached level 32, (that device still works but it is slow and the Home Button acts really bitchy sometimes) 

      - on my 1st new iPod (iOS 9)  I reached Lv19 - in 3 month... before I couldn't charge it anymore...

      - on my 2nd iPod (exchange for the 1st one) I reached Lv14 in 2 month... Now suddenly the display bulges and separates from the device... - ... back to Apple again... :(

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    • Today I received the box from Apple, so I have to send my device back immediately. Thus I had to send all your ordered frogs in one rush. For the case that your mailbox is full atm, don't worry. As long as you always hit the "Accept" button you shouldn't lose any frogs. Frog(s) from this "waiting loop" will be added to your Mailbox as soon as there is a slot free.

      Have fun, Happy Hopping, Thomas and Jacqueline :)

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    • Thanks a lot. I have received all of them.

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    • Cool! I was afraid that something could go wrong - but now I am happy too! 

      Have fun with you new froggies! :D

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    • Hello again,

      So I was wondering if you could help me. I restored my iPad to earlier back up, which was several month ago. And, my frogs are gone. I was at level 24, and now back to level 18. When I delete the app and download again, i am back at level 1!!! But the Game Center shows all my XP and achievements. 

      Is there any way i can get back to my latest level??? Thanks in advance.

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    • Did the game (Pocket Frogs) even prompt to restore your old game (see pic)?

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    • A FANDOM user
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