The Spinae species is a level 7 (rare) breed of frogs. The Latin prefix spin- means "backbone, the spinal cord."



7 (rare)


1.002 - 1.500

Growth Time

16h, 53m

Delivery Time

16h, 53m

Flies To Tame


XP For Taming

100 - 150

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Next Species


The Spinae pattern consists of small circles in the secondary (pattern) color running along the frog's back which decrease in size as they extend to the head. The rest of the body and legs are in the base color. Spinae is also a group of muscles in the human back, which gives further explanation for the circles along the spine of Spinae frog. These frogs are slow in Racing . This frog also shows up in the game Dizzypad.


Award Primary Secondary Pattern Quantity
Black and White White Picea Spinae 1
Gold Rush Golden Aurum Spinae 1
Yin and Yang Black Albeo Spinae 1
Yin and Yang White Picea Spinae 1
Dizzypads Blue Folium Spinae 8
Cloudback Azure Albeo Spinae 8

Weekly Sets

2012 - #15 - Tribal Council: Cocos Albeo Spinae

2011 - #43 - Skeleton Crew: 4x Black Ceres Spinae

2011 - #24 - Prismatics: Glass Chroma Spinae

2010 - #49 - Puddle Jumpers: Azure Callaina Spinae

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