The Signum species is a level 16 (legendary) breed of frogs. Although the word signum in Latin directly means stamp or emblem, signum can also mean constellation, more appropriate for the frog's galaxy-like pattern.



16 (Legendary)


9.670 - 10.995 coins

Growth Time

1d, 21h

Delivery Time

1d, 21h

Flies To Tame


XP For Taming

967 - 1.100

Previous Species     


Next Species


The Signum can be obtained via a special event message or bought in the FrogMart for 25 potions. The Signum frog has a unique design with various features. The primary color of the frog covers both sides, but leaves the head and the several spots in the secondary color. The secondary color that spreads from the head to the frog's back end has a gradient effect.

Speed and Stamina

Orange Albeo: Speed - 108 Stamina - 108

Aqua Picea: Speed - 109 Stamina - 107

Blue Aurum: Speed - 107 Stamina - 109

Weekly Sets

2013 - #40 - Frog Spotting: 2x Lime Caelus Signum

2013 - #35 - Frog Rock: 2x White Picea Signum

2012 - #52 - Bubbly and Fireworks: 2x Black (Callaina, Floris, Folium) Signum

2012 - #48 - First Snow: 2x Glass Albeo Signum

2012 - #27 - Fireworks: (Black (Carota, Aurum) Signum

2012 - #09 - Sparkly Gems: Blue Callaina, Red Tingo, Orange Aurum, Golden Aurum, Green Folium, Royal Floris, Marine Callaina) Signum

2012 - #07 - Soda Pops: Blue Folium Signum

2011 - #50 - Deep Freeze: 2x Blue Albeo Signum

2011 - #46 - Galaxies: 2x (Black Albeo, Purple Callaina, Black Aurum, Purple Albeo) Signum

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