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The Serpentis species is a level 7 (rare) breed of frogs. The name "Serpentis" derived from the English word "serpent," meaning "snake, snakelike, reptile."



7 (rare)


1.002 - 1.500

Growth Time

16h, 53m

Delivery Time

16h, 53m

Flies To Tame


XP For Taming

100 - 150

Previous Species     


Next Species


The Serpentis frogs have a snake scale-like pattern along their whole body which serves as the pattern color (hence the name). The rest of the frog's body is the base color.

Awards Requiring Serpentis
Award Name Primary Trait Secondary Trait Pattern Quantity Needed
Ninja Dojo Black Picea Serpentis 1
Gold Rush Golden Aurum Serpentis 1
Rattlefrogs Cocos Ceres Serpentis 8
Snake Den Olive Folium Serpentis 8

Weekly Sets

Snakes! Green Foilum Serpentis, Beige Bruna Serpentis

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