The Roboris species is a level 5 (rare) breed of frogs.



5 (rare)


291 - 435

Growth Time

4h, 46m

Delivery Time

4h, 46m

Flies To Tame


XP For Taming

29 - 43

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This species name is probably derived from the Latin word rōboris, which means "strength" or "health."

The Roboris frogs have a pattern of one large heart placed in the middle of the frog's body, along with two medium sized hearts on both sides of the larger heart. The rest of the frog's body is a solid base color, except the two small triangle-like shapes between the frog's nostrils and at the frog's lowermost back.


Award Primary Secondary Pattern Quantity
Greenbacks Emerald Muscus Roboris 1
Black and White White Picea Roboris 1
Pretty in Pink Royal Floris Roboris 1
Valentine Violet Albeo Roboris 8

Weekly Sets

2013 - #07 - A Kiss: White (Floris, Tingo) Roboris, (Violet, Maroon) Albeo Roboris

2012 - #11 - Shamrocks: Olive Folium Roboris

2011 - #06 - Floris Arrangement: (White, Yellow, Aqua, Purple, Marine, Royal, Lime, Azure) Floris Roboris

2011 - #02 - Full Deck: White (Tingo, Picea) Roboris

2010 - #51 - Whiteout: White Albeo Roboris

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