Red Albeo Anura

Red Albeo Anura

Red is a frog base color lighter than the Maroon base color and the Tingo pattern color, but darker than the Pink base color.


Red frogs are required for the following awards:

Name Description Experience
5. Single Rainbow Collect a mature Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple, and Pink Albeo Anura in one habitat. 2000 xp
8. Code Red Collect a mature Red Tingo Crustalli, Red Tingo Marmorea and Red Tingo Zebrae in one habitat. 2000 xp
21. Ladybugs Collect 8 mature Red Picea Puncti frogs in one habitat. 2000 xp
32. Fruit Stripe Collect an Emerald, Yellow, Red and Orange Albeo Partiri in one habitat. 2000 xp
44. Red China Collect 8 mature Red Aurum Stellata frogs in one habitat. 2000 xp
59. Endangered 1 Collect a mature Red Albeo Sagitta, and Purple Carota Amfractus in one habitat. 4000 xp

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