The Puzzle game is one of two mini-games which can be played with tamed mature frogs (the other is the Race). The frog "participates" in the game by watching the game grid from a lilypad. When the game is won, the frog's happiness grows to 100%. Partial completion of the game will raise the frog's happiness, although not to 100%. The other prize for winning a game is a random frog, habitat object, or a varying number of coins, potions, or stamps, equivalent to finding one yellow present in the Pond. Before beginning a game, you will be warned if your mailbox is full in case you win a shippable object.

The game is played on a 6 by 6 grid of lilypads which contains 36 frogs, 1 per lilypad. The frogs will be of the same pattern as the player's frog but will appear in six different colors (the base and secondary colors will be near matches on the game frogs): red, gold, green, blue, purple, and white. There will be between three and fifteen of each color of frog, randomly chosen, and the color and initial direction of each frog is random at the beginning of each new game. When two adjacent (up-down or left-right) frogs are touched in sequence, the frogs will simultaneously leap past each other, trading lilypads. Frogs can leap in any direction no matter which way they are facing, but after a leap will be facing away from their former lilypad. The goal of the game is to group the frogs by color and direction into groups of three or more (note that frog colors will not always be in multiples of 3).

The game is not timed and there are no penalties for the number of moves used to arrange the frogs. Neither the number or color of the frogs nor the prize which is won are dependent on the level of the player's frog, although only frogs with a rarity level at or below the player's level can play games.

Strategy tips:

  • Group frogs by color first, then shift them to face the same direction.
  • A group of six frogs can sweep from one end of the board to the other, arranging all other frogs to face the same direction.
  • Try and make two rows/columns of frogs face opposite directions, that way, you can always use the other row/column to change the directionthe other row/column is facing.


Puzzle Game (added 2010-12-04)

Version Added


Happiness and random gifts, similar to the gift boxes in the pond.

How to Win

Frogs must be facing the same direction, in groups of 3 or more. See the winning puzzle image for an example.

Puzzle start

Puzzle Start

Puzzle win

Puzzle Win



Prize for completing puzzle

Mah Prize

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