Update 1.0.2 has been released on iTunes! This update introduces the Froggydex and over 900 new frog species to collect.


Thank you to everyone who has uploaded all of their images to Pocket Frogs Wiki! Our habitat and award pages are filling in nicely!


Just got an Award? Have a new background for your Habitat? Take a screenshot of it (Press the Power and Home screen buttons together on your iPhone to take a screenshot) and upload it to our wiki.

Tip: Pausing for a few seconds before taking a screenshot will remove the player GUI from the screen.


Want to see a page about something? Have an idea? Create a page about it! You don't have to know everything about the topic, just create the page and start writing. It's easy and the community will help you out.


We are looking for contributors to grow our current pages and add new ones. If you are a keen Pocket Frogs fan, please also visit our Community Portal for further information.

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