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Frogs are available at each level, Chart


Summer 2017

Please leave requests for Admin on my talk page. DalekCaan1 (talk) 17:15, March 22, 2014 (UTC)


Version 2.1.0 released:

  • Added FOUR new Legendary breeds!
  • Fixed crash when sharing a frog on the iPad


Nimblebit has released the final weekly set.  Nimblebit announcement


Android Version 2.0 released.


Version 2.0 released (iOS only - Android pending):

  • iPhone 5 support!
  • 46 New frog breeds to collect!
  • Share frogs on twitter and Facebook!
  • Added game backups and gifting through Game Center
  • Removed plus+ network due to lack of support


Version 1.2.1 released:

  • Added error checking to prevent sets from crashing
  • Improved Pro Shop connectivity
  • Optimized game sounds


Version 1.2 released:

  • Expanded the number of available Habitats to 16
  • Made past Weekly Sets available to complete
  • Added more special frog breeds (available on certain dates in Frog Mart)
  • Fixed an issue stopping sound effects
  • Froggydex now saves your scroll position
  • Fixed issue with losing friends

The ten new breeds (level) are: Geminus (7), Bulla (8), Orbis (9), Obaro (10), Persona (11), Vinaceus (12), Gyrus (13), Trivium (14), Bulbus (15), Signum (16)


Version 1.1.1 released:

  • Promotional frogs now appear in Frog Mart
  • Frog Mart now stocks frogs in more colors
  • New backgrounds and scenery
  • Added input delay to gift accept dialog
  • Optimized game startup

Promotional frogs cost potions


October the 6th was the first day that the new Wikia layout is visible for viewers on all wikis. If you have been following the recent staff blogs, you will know what this means. If not, then I suggest you go check it out now: Continue reading


PFW Catalogue Manager has been updated to 1.3. This update has expanded the capacity to 114 rows to record frogs in your catalogue, nursery and all 7 habitats (if required). The two new awards (Jack-O-Lantern and Tribal) have also been added.


Update 1.0.4 was released today bringing in Game Centre! We are also looking for contributors to our Database of Species Values. If you are interested, please click on the link and request access on the website.

  • To request access to the database: With the database open in google docs, there is a "share" button in the upper right hand corner. A window will pop up for Sharing Settings that states:

"You can't add people, but you can ask the owner to do so. A request to expand sharing has been sent to the owner of this document. Edit the list of people who would like access and click Share. There are currently no collaborators, but you can add people to share with here. Ask owner to share with:"

Enter your e-mail address in the textbox to request access to the document.


Version released (IOS 4.0 Tested). "Our sincere apologies to those affected by the bug in the 1.0.8 update."


From the Nimblebit Forums: Pocket Frogs is currently unavailable in the App Store due to a major bug in the latest update. We have already submitted a fix and hope for it to be back up on the store soon.

Topic set by ChanServ on Thu Dec 02 2010 20:05:32 GMT-0600 (Central Standard Time)


Great News! We have just updated the PFW Catalogue Manager to show you if the frog you have catalogued is part of an award!


Its here! The Pocket Frogs Wiki Catalogue Manager is now available to download. Use it to optimise the frogs saved in your catalogue and delete duplicate attributes! It even tells you which ones you are missing so that you know the frogs to add! The Catalogue Manager has been added to the "Downloads Section" in the menu bar.

More News

Latest Activity

Which Frog Are You?

  • AcerisGo to Adamantis
  • AdamantisGo to Adamantis
  • AfricanusGo to Africanus
  • AmericanoGo to Americano
  • AmfractusGo to Amfractus
  • AnuraGo to Anura
  • ArborGo to Arbor
  • ArcusGo to Arcus
  • AxisGo to Axis
  • BiplexGo to Biplex
  • BotulusGo to Botulus
  • BovisGo to Bovis
  • BulbusGo to Bulbus
  • BullaGo to Bulla
  • CalvariaGo to Calvaria
  • CalyxGo to Calyx
  • CestiGo to Cesti
  • CluniculaGo to Clunicula
  • CoclearisGo to Coclearis
  • CornusGo to Cornus
  • CoronaGo to Corona
  • CrustalliGo to Crustalli
  • DexteraGo to Dextera
  • DimidiusGo to Dimidius
  • EmblemaGo to Emblema
  • FavusGo to Favus
  • FigularisGo to Figularis
  • FlectoGo to Flecto
  • FlorescoGo to Floresco
  • ForamenGo to Foramen
  • FortunoGo to Fortuno
  • FractusGo to Fractus
  • FrondisGo to Frondis
  • GeminusGo to Geminus
  • GemmaGo to Gemma
  • GlacioGo to Glacio
  • GyrusGo to Gyrus
  • HennaeGo to Hennae
  • HexasGo to Hexas
  • IgneousGo to Igneous
  • InfinitasGo to Infinitas
  • InseroGo to Insero
  • JanusGo to Janus
  • LanternaGo to Lanterna
  • LatusGo to Latus
  • LevarGo to Levar
  • LigoGo to Ligo
  • Lotus
  • LucusGo to Lucus
  • LudoGo to Ludo
  • LunarisGo to Lunaris
  • MagusGo to Magus
  • MarinusGo to Marinus
  • MarmoreaGo to Marmorea
  • MazeusGo to Mazeus
  • MixtusGo to Mixtus
  • MustaciumGo to Mustacium
  • NasusGo to Nasus
  • NebulaGo to Nebula
  • NimbilisGo to Nimbilis
  • NodareGo to Nodare
  • ObaroGo to Obaro
  • OcularisGo to Ocularis
  • OrbisGo to Orbis
  • OrnatusGo to Ornatus
  • PalmaGo to Palma
  • PapilioGo to Papilio
  • PartiriGo to Partiri
  • PersonaGo to Persona
  • PictorisGo to Pictoris
  • PingoGo to Pingo
  • PistrixGo to Pistrix
  • PlanetaGo to Planeta
  • PlumaGo to Pluma
  • PulvillusGo to Pulvillus
  • PunctiGo to Puncti
  • PyramisGo to Pyramis
  • QuiltaGo to Quilta
  • RoborisGo to Roboris
  • SagittaGo to Sagitta
  • ScutulataGo to Scutulata
  • SerpentisGo to Serpentis
  • ShelbusGo to Shelbus
  • SignumGo to Signum
  • SkeletosGo to Skeletos
  • SolGo to Sol
  • SpargoGo to Spargo
  • SpinaeGo to Spinae
  • SpiraGo to Spira
  • SplendicoGo to Splendico
  • StellataGo to Stellata
  • SymphoniaGo to Symphonia
  • TabulaGo to Tabula
  • TemplumGo to Templum
  • TesseraGo to Tessera
  • TribusGo to Tribus
  • TriviumGo to Trivium
  • VelatusGo to Velatus
  • VeruGo to Veru
  • VicisGo to Vicis
  • VinaceusGo to Vinaceus
  • VoltaGo to Volta
  • ViduoGo to Viduo
  • ZebraeGo to Zebrae

Pocket Frogs was released on iTunes on 15 September 2010 as a freemium iOS game developed by Nimblebit. It is a free universal app that runs on both iOS and Android operating systems. It uses Game Center (Mobage on Android) for leader boards and awards. However, it does not require an internet connection to play or complete the game. The game also features "In App Purchases" (IAPs) which speed up game play, but no purchases are necessary to play, enjoy and finish the game.

Pocket Frogs
iOS Icon for Pocket Frogs




iTunes/Google Play


iTunes/Google Play








Single Player/Multiplayer


Apple 9+


iOS, Android


iOS 6.0 or later, optimized for the iPhone 5


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