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20 (Legendary)


13.683 - 14.907

Growth Time

1d, 21h

Delivery Time

1d, 21h

Flies To Tame


XP For Taming

1.368 - 1.490

Previous Species     


Next Species


The Pictoris species is a level 20 (legendary) breed of frogs. Pictoris is latin for "painter," hence the paint-like dripping pattern which makes up its design.

The Pictoris's base color covers its back and feet, while the secondary color covers the head of the body and forms a dripping pattern down its back.

Speed and Stamina

Pink Chroma: 132 speed, 130 stamina

Green Cafea: 133 speed, 122 stamina Royal Pruni: 136 speed, 110 stamina

Cocos Aurum: 106 speed,136 stamina

Weekly Sets

Nose Art: Violet Muscus Pictoris x2

Wet Paint: Blue Caelus Pictoris, Emerald Folium Pictoris, Purple Viola Pictoris, Tanegelo Carota Pictoris

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