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11 (Endangered)


4.665 - 5.865

Growth Time

1d, 21h

Delivery Time

1d, 21h

Flies To Tame


XP For Taming

466 - 586

Previous Species     


Next Species


The Persona species is a level 11 (endangered) breed of frogs. The Latin word persōna means “mask” or “character.”

The Persona can be found via a special event message or purchased in the FrogMart for 25 potions. The Persona pattern consists of a mask-like design covering the eyes and nose in the secondary color. The rest of the body is solid in the base color.

Weekly Sets

Ice Cream Sundae: White Cafea Persona, Cocos Cafea Persona, Pink Cafea Persona

Deep Freeze: Glass Albeo Persona x2

Hot Rods:Tangelo Viola Persona, Azure Albeo Persona, Black Carota Persona, Maroon Aurum Persona, Blue Aurum Persona, Black Folium Persona, Golden Albeo Persona, Purple Aurum Persona

Happy 2013!: Black Albeo Persona

Nose Art: Orange Floris Persona x2

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