The Ornatus species is a level 10 (endangered) breed of frogs. The name "Ornatus" is derived from the English word "ornate," meaning "elaborate, flowery, showy, or richly adorned."



10 (Endangered)


3.688 - 4.995 coins

Growth Time

1d, 21h

Delivery Time

1d, 21h

Flies To Tame


XP For Taming

368 - 499

Previous Species     


Next Species


The Ornatus frog has an elegant oak leaf pattern placed on the frog's body that extends to both of the hind legs. The rest of the frog, including the "veins" on the leaf pattern, is a solid base color. Ornatus cannot be bought in the FrogMart, it must be received in The Pond through breeding or finding a present. This breed of frog can also be received from a gift from another player.







Endangered 2 Marine Picea Ornatus 1

Speed and Stamina

Purple Folium: Speed - 68 Stamina - 65

Weekly Sets

2014 - #03 - In Memory of Mom: Marine Muscus Ornatus

2013 - #16 - Earth Day 2013: 2x Azure Muscus Ornatus

2012 - #39 - Back to School: 2x Maroon Folium Ornatus

2012 - #34 - Hawaiian Shirts: (Blue, Emerald, Red) Albeo, Tangelo Picea, Marine Ceres, Olive Albeo, Black Muscus, Azure Folium Ornatus

2012 - #32 - Fern Frogs: 2x Green Folium Ornatus

2012 - #22 - Sunflowers: (Green, Olive) Folium Ornatus

2012 - #19 - Flowers for Mom: Green Folium Ornatus

2012 - #11 - Shamrocks: Olive Folium Ornatus

2012 - #01 - Pure Gold: Golden Aurum Ornatus

2011 - #47 - Pumpkin, Pies & Foliage: (Golden Carota, Red Tingo, Cocos Aurum, Tangelo Bruna) Ornatus

2011 - #08 - Earth, Fire, Water, Air: Orange Tingo Ornatus

2011 - #05 - Fine China: 4x White Caelus Ornatus

2010 - #46 - Autumn Revolution: Beige (Folium, Aurum, Carota, and Bruna) Ornatus

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