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In the Neighbors section of Pocket Frogs players can visit other players' habitats.

By selecting 'Neighbors' in the Pocket Frogs menu, you the ability to look at what other players have in their habitats. You may also look at what awards the other player has completed as well as their totals and overall experience. You may not peek into another player's Froggydex or their Catalog. And while you CAN'T handle another player's frogs (ie. take them to the pond, sell them, etc), you CAN view them in order to see the frog's stats. You can see exactly what frogs they have available in their habitats (each of them), whether the frogs are tame, and any backgrounds or scenery they have. You may also see how many coins they have and where they stand on the leaderboards.

Players may add others to their Neighbors list by searching for them in the Game Center. Opening the Pocket Frogs menu and selecting 'Game Center' will open profile view. There, a blue highlighted option reading 'Find Friends' will sit beneath the Pocket Frogs Awards and Leaderboards options. Selecting 'Find Friends' you now have the option of searching a wide variety of networks for people you wish to add. If you select 'Search Game Center' you will be able to input a specific Game Center ID and a request will be sent to them.

Adding players to your Neighbors list also allows you to send or trade scenery and frogs with that player.

P.S. If you can't visit your neighbors/ neighbours, go to settings-->general-->Date and Time-->and turn on "Set Automatically"

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