5 (rare)


291 - 435

Growth Time

4h, 46m

Delivery Time

4h, 46m

Flies To Tame


XP For Taming

29 - 43

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The Nasus species is a level 5 (rare) breed of frogs. The word "nasus" is probably derived from the the Latin word nasus, which means "nose."

The Nasus pattern is characterized by a complicated design on the legs and lower half of the body in the base color and black which fades to a single-colored upper half of the body in the pattern color. The design on the back of the frog is the same as the design all over Crustalli frogs, as if the back of the frog were a [Base] Picea Crustalli.

The species is also a playable frog in Dizzypad.


Award Primary Secondary Pattern Quantity
Tree Hug Cocos Folium Nasus 1
Watermelon Green Floris Nasus 8

Weekly Sets

2011 - #29 - Blacknosed: (Green, Azure, Violet, Yellow, Pink, Marine) Picea Nasus

2011 - #13 - Inkblots: White Picea Nasus


Hylodes nasus
There is a real frog called the Hylodes Nasus, which is a toad native to Santa Catarina, Brazil.

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