The Marinus species is a level 5 (rare) breed of frogs. The Latin prefix "mari"- means "sea" or "ocean", referring to the frog's wave-like patterns. 

Pf marinus


5 (rare)


291 - 435

Growth Time

9h, 20m

Delivery Time

9h, 20m

Flies To Tame


XP For Taming

29 - 43

Previous Species     


Next Species


You can purchase the Marinus frog at the FrogMart at a cost of 25 potions. It can also be obtained as a special event reward or as a gift from another player. Unfortunately, you can not find Marinus frogs in The Pond.

The Marinus frog is easily identified by the frog's multiple wave-like stripes that are spread horizontally throughout the whole body. It appears that there are ten visible pattern stripes on the frog's body and legs. The spaces in between these stripes are solid in the base color.

Weekly Sets

Easter Time: Marine Callaina Marinus

Aurora Borealis: Black Chroma Marinus x2

Ocean Motion: Azure Callaina Marinus x2, Marine Callaina Marinus x2, Aqua Albeo Marinus x2, Blue Caelus Marinus x2

Yuletide Greetings: White Tingo Marinus, Olive Albeo Marinus

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