Endangered 2

A Marine Picea Ornatus and a Maroon Aurum Sol frog

Marine is a pale blue-green base color. It is greener than the Aqua base color and Callaina pattern color and bluer than the Green and Emerald base colors and Folium pattern color.

Marine frogs are only required for one award:

  1. Endangered 2: 1 of 2 frogs must be a Marine Picea Ornatus frog

Weekly Sets

Winter Magic: Marine Albeo Glacio

Argyle Socks: Marine Ceres Adamantis x2

Floris Arrangement: Marine Floris Roboris

Easter Time: Marine Viola Insero, Marine Aurum Ligo, Marine Callaina Marinus

Blacknosed: Marine Picea Nasus

Clowning Around: Marine Albeo Ludo

Ocean Motion: Marine Callaina Marinus x2

String of Pearls: Marine Albeo Bulla x2

Sparkly Gems: Marine Callaina Signum


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