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19 (Legendary)


12.667 - 13.949

Growth Time

1d, 21h

Delivery Time

1d, 21h

Flies To Tame


XP For Taming

1.266 - 1.394

Previous Species     


Next Species


The Lunaris species is a level 19 (Legendary) breed of frogs. Its name is derived from the Latin word of the same spelling that means "lunar; pertaining to the moon."

The Lunaris frog has an image of a solar eclipse on its back. Its base color makes up the entirety of its body and legs, while its secondary color forms a gradient pattern radiating from a circle in the center of the frog's back. It was introduced in the 2.0 update.

Speed and Stamina

White Pruni: 126 speed 127 stamina

Blue Bruna: Speed - 120 Stamina - 119

Weekly Sets

Pirates: Orange Aurum Lunaris

Photo Session: 2x White Picea Lunaris

Scorching: 2x Maroon Aurum Lunaris

Summer Fruits: 2x Blue Caelus Lunaris

Pot of Gold: 4x Yellow Carota Lunaris

Road Signs: 2x Red Picea Lunaris

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