Hi I've been playing pocket frogs for awhile and am looking for new friends. GCID: kellybear821. Could anyone send me a tabula frog?

Hey Kellybear,

Welcome to the PocketFrogs Wikia. As it seems you have opened a completely new page here, but that's not the usual way/method to look for new friends and frogs. You will have more luck if you repeat your request at the Frog Trading Bord

(and maybe an Admin can delete this page here)

My GCID is !Muffi! and I can breed a Tabula Frog for you as soon as I have a little space in one of my habitats. At the moment they are all full to the brim. :D 

Happy Hopping, Thomas (and Jacqueline) :) OnkelOhio (talk) 11:23, April 28, 2016 (UTC)

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