The Insero species is a level 13 (legendary) breed of frogs. The word insero is a Latin verb meaning "to graft."



13 (Legendary)


6.697 - 7.969 coins

Growth Time

1d, 21h

Delivery Time

1d, 21h

Flies To Tame


XP For Taming

669 - 796

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The Insero frog has a fade gradient pattern, the color fades from the pattern color at the frog's nose to the base color at the frog's rear end.

Award Primary Secondary Pattern Quantity
Legendary 1 Violet Caelus Insero 1

Weekly Sets:

Hot Dogs: Beige Bruna Insero, Cocos Ceres Insero

Beach Time: Beige Caelus Insero x2

Cinco de Mayo: Red Tingo Insero

Ice Cream Sundae: Red Tingo Insero

Mood Frogs: Glass Chroma Insero x8

Avocado and Pit: Olive Aurum Insero x7

Peaches and Plums: Maroon Aurum Insero x4, Maroon Pruni Insero x4

Neon Insero: Black Callaina Insero, Black Aurum Insero, Black Folium Insero, Black Floris Insero

Insero Rainbow: Tangelo Tingo Insero, Yellow Carota Insero, Emerald Aurum Insero, Blue Folium Insero, Royal Caelus Insero, Red Viola Insero

Easter Time: Red Carota Insero, Purple Viola Insero, Violet Floris Insero, Marine Viola Insero

Apple Halves: Olive Folium Insero x2, Red Tingo Insero x2

S'More: Beige Albeo Insero

Fade to Night: Tangelo Viola Insero, Royal Picea Insero

Hawaiian Sunset: Tangelo Viola Insero x7

Speed and Stamina

Red Albeo: Speed - 86 Stamina - 88

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