Golden is a frog base color. It is darker than Yellow or Aurum, although not as dark as Orange.

Golden frogs are required for several awards:

  1. Banana Bunch: all 3 frogs must be Golden Bruna: one each in the Puncti, Crustalli, and Velatus patterns
  1. 2 bee or not 2 bee: both frogs must be Golden Picea Partiri
  1. Gold Rush: all 3 frogs must be Golden Aurum: one each in the Spinae, Cesti, and Serpentis patterns

Weekly Sets

Candy Corns: Golden Carota Cesti x2

Fall Sweaters: Golden Bruna Cesti x2

Leaf Peeping: Golden Bruna Arbor x2

Back to School: Golden Ceres Clunicula x4

Sunflowers: Golden Bruna Nimbilis

Sparkly Gems: Golden Aurum Signum

Snakes!: Golden Aurum Serpentis, Golden Bruna Zebrae

Superheroes: Golden Picea Tribus

Pure Gold: Golden Aurum Ornatus, Golden Aurum Stellata, Golden Aurum Cesti, Golden Aurum Ludo, Golden Aurum Sol, Golden Aurum Ocularis, Golden Aurum Ocularis, Golden Aurum Pingo

Yellow Jackets: Golden Aurum Veru x2, Golden Picea Partiri x2, Golden Picea Geminus x2, Golden Picea Tribus x2