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Use this forum to request frogs from other members.

Tips for Requesting Frogs

  • If it's your first request, read all of the section below, How To: Insert A Row.
  • General breed requests are more likely to be filled in a timely manner (e.g., request "any Corona" instead of a "White Viola Corona").

(Unless it's a frog from a Weekly Set. Then it's more likley to be filled in a timely manner.)

How to Insert a Request

Fill out the form below to make a request.

2. In the edit view, right click on the bottom row. Go to Row -> Insert Row After


3. Fill in your GameCenter ID, Frog Request, Frogs to be traded, and any Requester Comments. ONLY SENDERS LEAVE A DATE, as this signifies a completed request. Senders, please don't leave a date until all frogs in the request have been sent.

4. When finished entering your information, click 'Publish'.

Modify Frog Request Table

Use the EDIT button next to the header above.

Please do not change the table properties (width, etc).

Simply add a new row to the bottom of the list to add a new request.

PLEASE READ: If your typing makes the table's width longer, simply add a hyphen - in the middle of the long word. People will still understand you and we can all read the entire table without having to click edit. :) Also, please, please, don't forget the spacing, because that too makes the table wider. Thank you, and continue to enjoy generosity from all the awesome people here! 

IMPORTANT: Place new requests at the BOTTOM of the table.

Senders: Please fill oldest requests first. This list is cleaned on a regular basis.

Attention Senders: When all requested frogs have been sent, and ONLY when all requested frogs have been sent, enter the date in the "Date Sent" section. Also, keep track of the frogs you or someone else have already sent if the requester has asked for more than one frog. Please do not leave a date in this column until every frog has been sent. Thank you.

Attention Requesters:  If your request is not filled within two weeks, please delete your original request and re-enter it at the bottom of the table.  That way everyone will know you are still interested in receiving your requested frogs.  Requests older than 1 month are subject to being deleted.

Frogs Requested Frogs for Trade  

Date Sent

Requester Comments

Sender Comments

Firechef15 Any Janus,Gemma, or any of the new frogs above lvl 30 anything I have that you want. Friend request sent 2/11/14
pl4netearth3 any palma, symphonia, hennae, emblema or gyrus. anything you want. (except my amfractus) Thank you in advance! Friend request sent 2/24/14 (iBeth01)

Golden Aurum Emblema

Royal Floris  Arcus

any frog I have iBeth01 sent friend request 2/25/14. hoping you have dextera and/or obaro
nicoleh2011 green folium hennae, golden aurum emblema, purple viola fortuno anything level 28 or below Thanks in advance!
iluvwoodstock Callaina Calyx Red Tingo Insero T 1/31: Sent Blue Callaina Calyx. Received 2 Red Tingo Insero. Thanks! - c.ocular
Gujamin any quilta (azure caelus preferred) Have lots of legendary to trade 4/7 Thanks!

Any Hennae pls (purple viola preferred)


inners17 golden aurum fortuno & emblema and azure caelus quilta for weekly set anything i have thanks in advance!
Dymple14 Purple Viola Hennae Any frog to level 29 Can't breed this yet, so need specific, want to work on weekly sets
Dymple14 Golden Aurum Fortuno Any frog to level 29 Can't breed this yet, so need specific, want to work on weekly sets
Dymple14 Azure Caelus Quilta Any frog to level 29 Can't breed this yet, so need specific, want to work on weekly sets
GreenFW286 Any geminus, bulla, orbis, obaro, persona, vinaceus, trivium, bulbus and signum Thanks!!!

- Wintergrace Any orbis or obaru, I have at least one frog of every other breed available.

nicoleh2011 purple viola hennae, golden aurum fortuno, golden aurum emblema, azure caelus quilta any frog level 28 or lower Thanks in advance! :) squeegybeck friended will send Emblema and Fortuno. Can you send me a Quilta and a Gemma?
squeegybeck Any Quilta, any Gemma any frog level 32 or below  8/04/14 Thanks :D

Any Tribus, Marinus, Geminus, Bulla, Orbis, Persona, Gyrus or Trivium

Can trade any frog up to level 12 incl. all specials.

Thanks lgmcguire and Vsherk!

xjennx08 Any Trivus, Marinus, Dextera, Geminus, Orbis, Obaro, Persona, Gyrus, Trivium, or Bulbus Any frog up to level 15 (except for the ones listed under requested frogs) Thx in advance!

Sent Orbis 3/20/2014 Exterminate.

Birdboy62 sent Marinus 4/12/2014.

Dalek Caan Marinus, Dextera, or Ludo I will send a frog back, please choose

Thanks, Keiralia and chaynesosu


Keiralia Sent Ludo 04/04/14


I am looking for a Marinus, an Obaro, an Trivium and a Geminus please

I would also like a Bulbus, Signum, Magus, Lunaris, Symphonia and Volta if I am able to receive breeds above my level?

I have most frogs up to Level 14 to send, plus a Shelbus and Favus.

Sent Trivium 4/5/2014


Birdboy62 sent Bulbus and Symphonia 4/14/2014.


LudoMarinus, Gyro I have anything else you may need Thanks in advance!
D4rkling Any Tribus Please Thank you!
Dalek Caan Obaro, Marinus, Gemina. or Bulla I will send a frog back, please choose. Thanks, Exterminate. Sent Bulla, Geminus and Marinus.  Dying for an Obaro.  Amazinggrace.  Thanks.}
Nitrodog96 Any Geminus, Dextera, Marinus, Ludo, Tribus, Glacio or Lanterna. Choose one of many Anura, Crustalli, Puncti, Velatus or Adamantis including Glass, Chroma and Glass Chroma. May take 1-3 days for frog to be ready.
BedaSunshine Any Glacio and/or Tribus Any breed I have (level 11 and below; all regular breeds and most promotional breeds) I can wait to buy the frogs in the mart, I just want the ones you cannot buy. Cheers!
lillsverker Any Hennae Anything (have all except Hennae and Pulvillus) Thank you in advance!
lilyedith any Bulbus Any frog through level 16, except the one requested Thanks in advance! Birdboy62 sent Bulbus 4/15/2014.
cougar3327 any corona any frog i have Thanks in adavnce!
NickTed123 Any Orbis any frog up to level 32. 4/14 Thank you! Sent an olive folium orbis. Would like a bulbus or signum. - lilyedith
Birdboy62 Purple Viola Hennae, Purple Viola Gemma, Golden Aurum Fortuno and Golden Aurum Emblema Just ask... about anything I've got now I'm willing to send your way. Thanks for any help in this Weekly Set!
Dalek Caan any Obaro please choose



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