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Use this forum to request frogs from other members.

Tips for Requesting Frogs

Don't worry if you don't have much to trade. The list is more about helping than trading.

  • If it's your first request, read all of the section below, How To: Insert A Row.
  • General breed requests are more likely to be filled in a timely manner (e.g., request "any Corona" instead of a "White Viola Corona"), with an exception being frogs from a Weekly Set .
  • It's best to have free space in your mailbox when awaiting a gift, but don't worry if your mailbox is full when you click to accept a gift – it will be offered again at a later time. If in a hurry, make space in your mailbox, restart your device, and re-open your Pocket Frogs Application – you will be offered the gift.
  • Forum: Android Trading Forum - For Android users to trade with one another
  • Froglanthropist - A special page created to recognize generous members; requesters can recommend who they deem deserves to be recognized
  • If someone adds you on Game Center but can't see you to send the frogs:
    • Add them back.
    • If that doesn't work, try leaving Pocket Frogs open so the system registers that you have it.
    • This is generally only an issue with Mobage accounts (Android version).

How to Insert a Request

Fill out the form below to make a request.

2. In the edit view, right click on the bottom row. Go to Row -> Insert Row After


3. Fill in your GameCenter ID, Frog Request, Frogs to be traded, and any Requester Comments. ONLY SENDERS LEAVE A DATE, as this signifies a completed request. Senders, please don't leave a date until all frogs in the request have been sent.

4. When finished entering your information, click 'Publish'.

Important Information (Please Read)

Use the EDIT button next to the header above.

Please do not change the table properties (width, etc).

Simply add a new row to the bottom of the list to add a new request.

IMPORTANT: Place new requests at the BOTTOM of the table.

Senders: Please fill oldest requests first. This list is cleaned on a regular basis. Attention Senders: When all requested frogs have been sent, and ONLY when all requested frogs have been sent, enter the date in the "Date Sent" section. Also, keep track of the frogs you or someone else have already sent if the requester has asked for more than one frog. Please do not leave a date in this column until every frog has been sent. Thank you.

Attention Requesters: If your request is not filled within two weeks, please delete your original request and re-enter it at the bottom of the table. That way everyone will know you are still interested in receiving your requested frogs. Requests older than 1 month are subject to deletion.

Modify Frog Request Table

Name Date of Request Frogs Requested Frogs for Trade Name of Sender Date Sent Requester Comments Sender Comments
TMino 6/10/2014 Any palma Any hennae Please choose. 6/10/2014 Thanks. Exterminate.
jdtrue87 6/16/2014 Any Trivium Let me know what you want in return! 6/25/2014 Daalek Caan. Exterminate.
straymule 6/23/14 Any Glacio, Tribus, Ludo. Marinus and Dextera Anything Level 7 and under :) 6/25/2014 Could I get an Orbis? I'm trying to get every frog even the promo frogs. Dalek Caan. Exterminate.
Dalek Caan 6/28/2014 Any Floresco, Calvaria Please choose. 6/30/2014 Thanks, Ab7 Exterminate.
prigg020 7/1/2014 Any glacio, tribus,ludo, marinus, dextera, bulla, orbis, obaro, persona, vinacious, gyrus or bulbus Any other breed LV 17 and under including papillo and templum



7/24/2014 Thank you in advance!

EyePeeps sent Bulla, Persona, Vinaceus and Bulbus.  Please send Glacio, Tribus, Marinus or Trivium in return. 

Sent obaro, gyrus, and orbis. (littlefragola)

notespeller2 7/1/2014

any of the following:


any species not listed. Annielding Sorry the list is long. I haven't played in years and am starting back up! Any help would be great.

Annielding: I sent you a friend request, and I can send you four of the frogs you have listed :) may I have an Americano, a Nebula, an Infinitas, and a Cockaris in return? Thanks! :)


do you still need a shelbus?

pebblelee 7/6/2014

1x Purple Viola (Hennae, Gemma) 1x Golden Aurum (Fortuno, Emblema) 1x Azure Caleus (Quilta, Palma)

anything lvl 18 or less trying to complete the last set. TIA!!
purplecelery12 7/6/2014 Any Tribus or Glacio Any non-promotional frog Level Six or under, or a Dextera. Sent friend request (littlefragola)
Cunlac 7/6/14 Any lvl 8-10 frog not available in the shop.Thanks Very sorry I don't have many that you might want. Dalek Caan 7/8/2014 Exterminate.
straymule 7/10/14 Any Obaro or Persona
Aiman Bickiya 7/20/14 Ludo and Tribus Any Glass Chroma level 18 or below, including Frogmart frogs, except Ludo and Tribus. Annielding Annielding: I sent you a friend request, and I can send you both these frogs :) In return, can I have a Mustachio and an Obaro? Thanks! :)
Salukira 7/24/14 Any Tribus, Orbis, ObaroBulbus,Signum Anything level 16 or under, except the ones requested littlefragola 7/26/14 no frogs needed in return unless you have white picea pistrix.  Sent friend request (littlefragola)
americanyolo 7/24/14

Gemma, Amfractus, pluma, americano, any that can't be bought normally in the store basically

Glass chroma, shelbus
nicoleh2011 7/24/14 purple viola hennae, azure caelus quilta anything level 28 or below Thanks in advance! Trying to finish a set for forever!
pleasurepixi/ 7/24/14 Any Obaro almost anything level 33 or below - can provide specific colour combinations Salukira 7/27/14
littlefragola 7/24/14 White Picea Pistrix anything level 28 and under. thank you! 7/27/14 Bea Towe, thank you! I  sent you a Hennae in return. 
littlefragola 7/27/14 Purple Viola Hennae, Golden Aurum Fortuno, Golden Aurum Emblema, Azure Caleus Quilta  4 frogs of level 28 and under. thank you! 7/28/14 Pleasurepixi, sent you several obaros. thank you again!

Pleasurepixi, thank you for all the frogs i needed! i'm growing the obaros and will send them as soon as they grow.

Sent Fortuno & Emblema 27/07/14 Others being bred for you - Any Obaro in return please :) Pleasurepixi
*babounette* 7/28/14 Purple Viola (Hennae, Gemma), Golden Aurum (Fortuno, Emblema), Azure Caelus (Quilta, Palma) Anything level 16 and below (some special frogs like lanterna, glacio, ludo, marinus, trivium, etc.)
straymule 6/28/14 A Obaro and a Vinaceus please ^_^ Anything level 11 and lower :) straymule

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