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Use this forum to request frogs from other members.

This forum is for iOS (Game Center)frog trading only. See the Android Trading Forum for trading frogs across Android devices.

Tips for Requesting Frogs

Don't worry if you don't have much to trade. The list is more about helping than trading.

  • If it's your first request, read all of the section below, How To: Insert A Row.
  • General breed requests are more likely to be filled in a timely manner (e.g., request "any Corona" instead of a "White Viola Corona"), with an exception being frogs from a Weekly Set .
  • It's best to have free space in your mailbox when awaiting a gift, but don't worry if your mailbox is full when you click to accept a gift – it will be offered again at a later time. If in a hurry, make space in your mailbox, restart your device, and re-open your Pocket Frogs Application – you will be offered the gift.
  • Forum: Android Trading Forum - For Android users to trade with one another.
  • Froglanthropist - A special page created to recognize generous members; requesters can recommend who they deem deserves to be recognized
  • If someone adds you on Game Center but can't see you to send the frogs:
    • Add them back.
    • If that doesn't work, try leaving Pocket Frogs open so the system registers that you have it.
    • This is generally only an issue with Mobage accounts (Android version).

How to Insert a Request

Fill out the form below to make a request.

2. In the edit view, right click on the bottom row. Go to Row -> Insert Row After


3. Fill in your GameCenter ID, Frog Request, Frogs to be traded, and any Requester Comments.

4. When finished entering your information, click 'Publish'.

Important Information (Please Read)

Use the EDIT button next to the header above.

Please do not change the table properties (width, etc).

Simply add a new row to the bottom of the list to add a new request.

IMPORTANT: Place new requests at the BOTTOM of the table.

Senders: Please fill oldest requests first. This list is cleaned on a regular basis. 

Attention Requesters: If your request is not filled within two weeks, please delete your original request and re-enter it at the bottom of the table. That way everyone will know you are still interested in receiving your requested frogs. Requests older than 1 month are subject to deletion

Modify Frog Request Table (for iOS - see Android link above)

Name Date of




Sender and

Date Sent





(Corall) 7/16/15 any: Tribus, Lanterna, Glacio, or potion frogs Thank you!
artemis_everdeen 4-21-15

Purple Viola Gemma

Golden Aurum Fortuno

Golden Aurum Emblema

Azure Caelus Quilta

Lime Caelus Lucus

Any Pluma

Any Amfractus

I can get you an Amfractus, just accept my friend request. ~8r4yden M0r1n

Sent the Amfractus. ~8r4yden M0r1n

paula186 4/22/15

any Ludo

any Splendico

thankyou in advance! i can give you any frog in return if you would like.
DalekCaan1 4/25/15 any Figularis Exterminate.
mistadim 5/13/2015 any tribus, blubus, glacio My first request, can please help. thanks, will reciprocate with anything I can. I have all colors available. Sent friend request May 14, 2015 - Tamsenmc
Owl345 14 May 15

Requested any:

Dextera Bulla Orbis Obaro Bulbus

Green Callaina Persona (best level 11 racer) sent -aa1971pod,5/11/15

I can trade most frogs up to level 32, I'll try and update here for any specific rarer frog pattern request.

My rare frog list include: Tribus Lanterna Thank-you wsujason!

Glacio Ludo Marinus Geminus Vinaceus Gyrus Trivium Cornus Aceris Tabula Pyramis Mustacium PersonaThank-you aa1971pod

If you have a reciprocal request, please let me know.

Friend requests sent to wsujason, c01133n:), 8r4yden M0r1n, aa1971pod, jennnekim

Sent friend request May 14, 2015 - Tamsenmc

mistadim may 14, 15 Any: tribus, glacio, lanturna.. potion frogs I have all colors anura and all levels except 33 and potion frogs. if you need marinus i can send.  thanks very much

Sent friend request May 14, 2015 - Tamsenmc

anđela_ May 24th, 2015 Any Maroon and Azure Anura  I have glass and chroma frogs, and have most frogs up to level 8 (:

GC friend request sent to andela_, i cannot do the special character d on GC. I have maroon and azure anuras. Do you have any lanterna frogs?

-GeeCee10! June4

Update: I do not need the lanterna anymore, thank you. :) Also, please accept friend request so I can send frogs.

-GeeCee10! June 5

Out_drawn May 25th, 2015

Any Signum

Yellow tingo anura

GC friend request sent. I have signum and yellow tingo anura. Do you happen to have any lanterna frogs?

-GeeCee10! June 4

Update: I do not need the lanterna anymore, thank you. :) Also, please accept friend request so I can send frogs.

-GeeCee10! June 5

gamefan1337 6/1/15 Any Lanterna I am willing to trade up to a level 20 in return. I just really need a Lanterna.

I have received a Lanterna frog, I can give you 1. Also, please accept friend request so I can send frogs.

-GeeCee10! June 5

mikey72uk 6/2/15

Lost my original collection :(

Would like any:









Thanks for anyone who can help.... :-)

Friend request sent! I dont have lanterna and dextera, i can gift the rest. -GeeCee10! June 4

Update: I can send all. I have received lanterna and dextera, I can also gift them to you after breeding, taming, growing, and racing. Also, please accept friend request so I can send the frogs.

-GeeCee10! June 5

So.So.So.So June 2nd, 2015

Any tribus

Any Lanterna

Friend request sent. I can give tribus. -GeeCee10! June 4

Update: I have received lanterna, I can also gift 1to you after breeding, taming, growing, and racing. Also, please accept friend request so I can send the frogs.

-GeeCee10! June 5

GeeCee10! June 4, 2015

I need any LANTERNA please

I would also like to receive some of the "In Memory of Mom" frogs:

Purple Viola Hennae

Purple Viola Gemma

Golden Aurum Fortuno

Golden Aurum Emblema

Azure Caelus Quilta


Azure Caelus Palma

I am willing to give frogs of up to lvl 21 for trade and all colors, even chroma and glass. :) Thank you in advance for your help!

Thank you for the Tangelo Aurum Lanterna, I really needed that. Thank you also for giving Dextera, Ludo and  Orbis.

Drakhanis June 9th, 2015


Lanterna, Marinus, Glacio, Obaro, Vinaceus,


All except Signum sent because I don't have one. (I saw that you already had an Obaro, so I didn't send one.) June 20, 2015                


friend request sent June 13, 2015


Jessycaz June 15, 2015

Any of the following:









Trade complete June 20, 2015 -randomlager94 I'm level 9, haven't got any level 9 frogs yet though. I can trade frogs up to level 8 and would be happy to trade any amount of frogs, in any colour. Friend request sent on June 18, 2015 - randomlager94
Suzan 93 June 18, 2015

Any color of:





Lanterna & Obaro sent June 20, 2015. I don't have a Bulbus either. -randomlager94

Sent Bulbus 7/29, saw you have a Trivium already -kikster223

Thanks again!  I'm good for now.  7/29/15  :-D

Wolfrage99 June 19, 2015

The "In Memory of Mom" Weekly Set:

  • Purple Viola Hennae
  • Purple Viola Gemma
  • Golden Aurum Fortuna
  • Golden Aurum Emblema
  • Azure Caelus Quilta
  • Azure Caelus Palms
  • Marine Muscis Amfractus
  • Marine Muscus Ornatus
I really appreciate anyone willing to help me out, and would more than willing to return a favor in the future! :)
AlexLikesHockey June 21, 2015 Levar, Gemma, Favus.

My iPhone decided to restart half of my apps, or I accidentally hit a button in general, but long story short my game center account deleted all my friends and now my pocket frogs. I was level 28, but now back to level one. It would be so kind if anyone could help. Thank you. 

UPDATE: Ha! Right this second when I opened pocket frogs for the 2nd time, it restored! Nevermind this. Thanks!

lovebaodi July 02, 2015












Tribus sent, Lanterna sent, Orbis sent, Ludo sent 7/7

- a-d_k :) 

Dextera, Geminus, Bulla sent 7/10 -kikster223

I'll so appreciated for getting help!!! ^o^

To a-d_k: Thank so much!!! Please let me know, if I can help you anything!!! Love you ^3^.

To a-d_k: Thank you again, a-d_k. Help to me advance my Froggydex. ^o^

To kikster223: Received your gift. Really appreciated for your help. Please let me know if you need any help. ( ^。^ \/

ozannomf july 4 Just need the frog that you sent me today or yesterday I dont know who sent it but I accidently said No (Not an Aqua Muscus Vinaceus)
corall 7-6-15 Any: Tribus, Glacio, Lanturna... potion frogs Thanks!
misspadda July 8

Purple Viola Fortuno,

Green Folium Hennae,

Blue Callaina Tessera,

Red Tingo Gemma,

Royal Floris Arcus

Requested Fortuno, Hennae and Arcus sent. I still need a bulbus and gyrus.. if you have a spare! -   Nina-Ink

Thank you! I'm breeding them for you at the moment! /Misspadda

I can trade all the 16 promos, level 3-16. Lanterna, dextera, ludo, tribus, bulla, marinus, dextera, glacio, signum, geminus, bulbus, vinaceus, orbis, persona, obaro, trivium, gyrus. Thank you
kikster223 July 10 any Tribus, Glacio I can trade anything level 18 and below. Thank you!
debbenslp July11 any or none I have excess frogs to give away mainly Mustacium and above.  Add me to receive random frogs. :)
Nina-Ink July 14 2015


Bulbus, Gyrus, Cornus, Pyramis, Skeletos, Levar, Fractus, Nebula, Pulvillus, Splendico

In desperate need of Pulvillus for a weekly set

Sent bulbus, gyrus, cornus 7/17 -kikster223 :)

Thank you! Getting you that Papilio ASAP -Nina-Ink

Thanks to misspadda and atjui as well!!

Except for these frogs mentioned I can trade anything up to level 32.

let me know if you need something specific.

would love some neighbours in general

nin9646 july 15 any tribus, glacio, Ludo, marinus and dextera please:) sent tribus and glacio, breeding the others for you now -kikster223, 7/28 Sent friend request 7/17 -kikster223
kikster223 July 17 any Papilio (butterfly) Sent - Nina-Ink
Lurkinturtles July 17 2015 any Tribus, Dextera, Geminus, or Bulla
_djames15 July 20 any Quilta, Splendico please
DannyACMA 22/07/15 Any Tribus, Lanterna or Splendico please sent Tribus and Lanterna 7/29 (I don't have splendico yet) -kikster223
Monkeyfacey1 July 27 2015 A Yellow Tingo Adamantis please. Need potions so trying to fufill request.
kikster223 7/28/15 Purple Viola Hennae, Purple Viola Gemma, Golden Aurum Fortuno, Golden Aurum Emblema, Azure Caelus Quilta, Azure Caelus Palma (trying to get moving on the weekly sets) I'm happy to gift any frogs level 21 and below

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