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Use this forum to request frogs from other members.

This forum is for iOS (Game Center)frog trading only. See the Android Trading Forum for trading frogs across Android devices.

Tips for Requesting Frogs

Don't worry if you don't have much to trade. The list is more about helping than trading.

  • If it's your first request, read all of the section below, How To: Insert A Row.
  • General breed requests are more likely to be filled in a timely manner (e.g., request "any Corona" instead of a "White Viola Corona"), with an exception being frogs from a Weekly Set .
  • It's best to have free space in your mailbox when awaiting a gift, but don't worry if your mailbox is full when you click to accept a gift – it will be offered again at a later time. If in a hurry, make space in your mailbox, restart your device, and re-open your Pocket Frogs Application – you will be offered the gift.
  • Forum: Android Trading Forum - For Android users to trade with one another.
  • Froglanthropist - A special page created to recognize generous members; requesters can recommend who they deem deserves to be recognized
  • If someone adds you on Game Center but can't see you to send the frogs:
    • Add them back.
    • If that doesn't work, try leaving Pocket Frogs open so the system registers that you have it.
    • This is generally only an issue with Mobage accounts (Android version).

How to Insert a Request

Fill out the form below to make a request.

2. In the edit view, right click on the bottom row. Go to Row -> Insert Row After


3. Fill in your GameCenter ID, Frog Request, Frogs to be traded, and any Requester Comments.

4. When finished entering your information, click 'Publish'.

Important Information (Please Read)

Use the EDIT button next to the header above.

Please do not change the table properties (width, etc).

Simply add a new row to the bottom of the list to add a new request.

IMPORTANT: Place new requests at the BOTTOM of the table.

Senders: Please fill oldest requests first. This list is cleaned on a regular basis. 

Attention Requesters: If your request is not filled within two weeks, please delete your original request and re-enter it at the bottom of the table. That way everyone will know you are still interested in receiving your requested frogs. Requests older than 1 month are subject to deletion

Modify Frog Request Table (for iOS - see Android link above)

Name Date of Request Frogs Requested Sender and Date Sent Requester Comments Sender Comments
wsujason 3/21/2015



3/22/15 C01133N:) trade complete

I can trade almost any other frog, just let me know! 

Friend request send 3/22/15 - C01133N:)

c01133n:) 3/22/15

one level 32 (Emblema, Fortuno, or Splendico)

Fortuno sent AtJui I can trade any frog up to level 33 any color combo (except lv 32) Friend request sent 3/22/15 Atjui
mudawan 03/26/2015

Full Collection!

Thank you KateEJHS (4/1/2015)

All frogs sent --KateEJHS (3/28/15) All frogs sent --KateEJHS (3/28/15)
Honeybread---- 03/29/2015

Any Glacio

Any Lanterna

Any Tribus

Purple Viola Hennae

Purple Viola Gemma

Golden Aurum Fortuno

Golden Aurum Emblema

Azure Caelus Quilta

Azure Caelus Palma

Marine Mucus Ornatus

All frogs sent. Atjui 3/29/15 - 4/9/15

Received Gemma, Palma, Glacio, Lanterna, Tribus and Ornatus. I appreciate your kindness Atjui!

Friend request sent for Glacio, Lanterna and Tribus to start with. Atjui 3/29/15
biggiestardust 4/3/15 any Ludo, Obaro, Marinus, Orbis, Geminus All frogs sent 4/3/15 AtJui

can trade any other frog

received. Thanks so much!! (4/3/15)

Friend request sent 4/3/15 Atjui
8r4yden M0r1n 4/3/15 any Tribus, Lanterna, Glacio, Ludo, Marinus, Dextera, GeminisBulla

All sent, no need to send anything back, enjoy :) - isabetta

Dextera sent again :) - isabetta 4/4/15

Thanks so much for everything! - 4/4/15

Will send all as soon as you accept my request on Game Center :) - isabetta
ivonmart09 4/4/15 Purple Viola Gemma, Purple Viola Hennae, Golden Aurum Fortuno, Golden Aurum Emblema, Azure Caelus Quilta, 

sent- mudawan


Trying to complete the memory of mom set, I'll trade for any frogs levles 1-26. Thanks! 
aa1971pod 4/7/15 any level 27: Symphonia, Vicis, Janus

can send all, friend request sent

jennnekim 4/9/15

I can trade anything level 26 and below.

Thank You. aa1971pod 4/15/15

12frank3lin 4/9/15 Any Biplex

sent glass floris, black chroma and maroon ceres



Thanks in advance!
jennnekim 4/9/15

I'm all complete. Thank you!!!










sent Glacio, Marinus, Dextera, Geminus & Bulla. ~8r4yden M0r1n

Friend request sent to both jennekim and ~8r4yden M0r1n for remaining frogs. Atjui 4/12/2015

Atjui - I did not receive your request. You may have spelled my name wrong - JennnEKim(3 N's). I sent you a request also, not sure if you reveived it. Thanks. -jennnekim 4/14/15

That makes 3 out of 3 that didn't get my friend requests? I didn't get yours either. I sent 2 more this morning, one to jennnekim and one to jennnEKim. I also sent another to ~8r4yden M0r1n. Please try to friend me again also. I'm restarting my ipad to see if that helps. Atjui 4/14/15

Received and accepted your request. Thank you so much for your help. Let me know if you need anything. - jennnekim 4/14/15

Great. Sent Bulbus, Orbis, Trivium and Signum. Sadly, there are no level 34 or 35 frogs at this time. Atjui 4/14/15

Thank you so much!

i have up to level 33 including glass and chroma, no promos

I can send a (Glass Chroma for all) Glacio, Marinus, Dextera, Geminus & Bulla. Friend Request Sent. -8r4yden M0r1n

I sent you a friend request under both those names - havent seen your request on my end though - jennnekim

I haven't seen your request either. I also sent another one because I noticed I spelt it wrong. Also, what do you mean by both those names? -8r4yden M0r1n

Got your request. I thought that was maybe 2 different names and not just 1. Do you still need Ornatus, Sol and Obaro? I can send those to you. Thanks!

I'm about to send 3 frogs, the other 2 will be sent tommorow. Also, can I have an Obaro, thanks. ~8r4yden M0r1n

Obaro sent. Let me know if there is anything else I can get you.

Sent all 5 frogs. ~8r4yden M0r1n

SilverStar1119 4/12/15 any Chroma Got your friend request since mine didn't reach you. Sent a glass Chroma Tribus and a Lanterna. Atjui 4/13/15 Thank you!!! Also please friend me on GameCenter, I need more neighbors :) Friend request sent Atjui 4/12/2015
12frank3lin 4/14/15 any Ornatus Sent Olive Folium Ornatus. Can breed more if you need others. ivonmart09 4/15/15 Thanks in advance! -Friend request sent aa1971pod 4/15/2015
skindeep6 16/Apr/15 any Shelbus or Skeletos Sent Shelbus, Skeletos bred. Atjui 4/16/15 Thank you in advance!
Marsberta 4/16/2015 any Tribus Sent Tribus 4/19/2015

I can send any Emblema, Fortuno, Hexas, Spargo, or Latus

  • always looking for Game Center friends!
Frend request sent Atjui 4/16/2015
Paula186 21/4/15

any Signum

any Trivium

any Obaro

any Orbis

any Splendico

any Persona

Thankyou in advance! I can send any frog you dont have in your froggydex (i am on level 35)

Thankyou so much :)

artemis_everdeen 4-21-15

Purple Viola Gemma

Golden Aurum Fortuno

Golden Aurum Emblema

Azure Caelus Quilta

Lime Caelus Lucus

Any Pluma

Any Amfractus

I can get you an Amfractus, just accept my friend request. ~8r4yden M0r1n

Sent the Amfractus. ~8r4yden M0r1n

paula186 4/22/15

any Ludo

any Splendico

thankyou in advance! i can give you any frog in return if you would like.
DalekCaan1 4/25/15 any Figularis Exterminate.
rupsonline 4/27/15 any ludo, lanterna, marinus, tribus, glacio, dextera and any glass. Thank you!! Sent all but Ludo to you 4/28/15, enjoy! -hmrushfo 

I am on level 6, but I can trade Chroma frogs. Thank you again ♥

Thank you so very much hmrushfo! Got them :D Please let me know if I can help in any way? Hugssss ♥

No problem ! I am breeding Marmorea now- so you can send me any you might have lying around ;)
hmrushfo 4/27/15

Purple viola Hennae

Purple Viola Gemma

Golden Aurum Fortuno

Golden Aurum Emblema

Azure Caelus Quilta

Can send any frog level 24 or below. will forward moms set when it is done :)

thank you Atjui! I have gotten the first 2. 

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