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Welcome to Android Traiding Forum.

As of February2013 Android has been updated with new frogs. There are 47 new frogs. If you are of level you can get them on the pond, of course you can wait for them on sale and use potions. You can also get them if you have the same level frog and race for a new breed. Please, before you buy a frog and waste your potions, ask first. At this time I am indexing Levels, 32 is done and on to level 31  so I can fill in all the Android Stat pages below.  I figured I would start at the top and work my way down so it gets cheaper to do instead of longer and more expensive.

Thank you Ruler1357924680 for setting the page up for us. I hope that I can keep up, I am grateful for all the other Android users that have helped me with potion frogs! Please feel free to send a Friend Request to me if this is the first time you are posting on the forum.

Weekly Sets Page

Android Racing Frog Page

Android Stats Level 1-11 Page

Android Stats Level 12-22

Android Levels 23-32 page

Frog Level Page

How To Make A Request

2. In the edit view, right click on the bottom row. Go to Row -> Insert Row After


3. Fill in your Mobage, Frog Request, Frogs to be traded, and any Requester Comments). ONLY SENDERS LEAVE A DATE, as this signifies a completed request. Senders, please don't leave a date until all frogs in the request have been sent.

4. When finished entering your information, click 'Publish'.

Frog Requests



PLEASE PUT YOUR WHOLE MOBAGE ID DOWN (cookie123 not just cookie)

Requester's Mobage ID

Frog(s) Requested Frogs to trade Date Sent Sender's Mobage ID Frog(s) Sender Desires In Trade Requester Comments Sender Comments
jerricama Ludo, Bulla Orbis, Marinus, Tribus, Lanterna, Glacio pathclan none :)

Thank you pjmecca and the Android community.

I will also have the Persona available next level.

request sent
bennissimo Tribus, Lanterna, Biplex Frogs level 23 and below celindiarose any of the frogs listed in my request below I don't have all the frogs for my levels, though. celindiarose sent friend request on 9/20/14
Devry287 Any of the potion frogs, so Tribus, Glacio, Lanterna, Ludo, Marinus, Geminus, Orbis, Bulla, Dextera, Obaro, Vinaceus, Gyrus, Bulbus, Persona, Trivium, and Signum. Dont have much, but i have a few glass chroma frogs.  Pathclan none :)  I had them on my ipod, but now im on android and trying to get back what I had, any help is appreciated.  please and thanks! :) Request sent.
ParaEl Glacio I have most breeds 18 and below

Send me a FR, I can't find you  -Pathclan

leonie1713 Tribus

I have most breeds, glass and chroma frogs, level 20 and below

Send me a FR, I can't find you  -Pathclan
celindiarose Bulbus, Bulla, Dextera, Geminus, Glacio, Ludo, Orbis, Tribus.Vinaceus I have all breeds except the ones I'm requesting. adorkablefae Cannot find 'celindiarose' in mobage. Send me a friend request. 
jmbowler Bulla, Dextera, Vinaceus, Bulbus, Signum

I have everything not listed on the left

Draconata Igneous, Skeletos, Templum and Vinaceus Lantena and Ludo
Pcanjjaxdcd Any:  Trivium, Tribus, Glacio, Ludo, Bulla, Vinaceus, Signum,   Anything level 16 and below, including Lanterna, Dextera, Obaro, Marinus, Orbis and Gyrus. or Amanda Welch Bulla, Tribus, Vinaceus, and Signum (No specific colors) I have all other breeds of frogs aside from those four and am happy to share with anyone.
dernerkerdani Bulla, Vinaceus, Persona, Trivium, Signum, any I don't have listed her up to lvl. 21

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