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I had a company iPhone4 that I had to give up. I purchased a Android phone. How do I restore my session? I had a Plus+ account. When I login to mobage with my Plus ID, it did not load my saved session.

Plus ID: emo1340
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Your Plus+ account will work on the Android Mobage social gaming, but the Pocket Frogs game on Android is subtly different. For one thing, there are no more "promotional frogs" you need to buy. You can even breed with Glass and Chroma frogs in the pond. If you are Level One and find a red gift box, you could find a Level Sixteen frog in the gift. It is also worth mentioning the frogs on the Android version ARE WORTH MORE COINS. For example: The Azure Ceres Magus frog on iPhone is worth 10,562 coins, while its counterpart on Android is valued at 36,452 coins.

To make a long explanation shorter, there were too many variables (frog values, etc) to port saved files from one platform to the other. Take it as an opportunity to enjoy the game all over again.

Plus ID: mamckeown

My sister has an android and just started pocket frogs, and I have been playing a while on the iPhone version. We have managed to add each other as friends, and she shows up as a pocket frogs friend, and on the neighbours list. I cannot see her frogs (something when wrong error message), and she does not see me as a pocket frogs friend. I want to be able to send her some high end frogs to help her get started, but she has not received my gift. Is it possible? Do you have any suggestions? EvilMummy 17:54, January 5, 2012 (UTC)

I have a Samsung Galaxy Prevail with Boost Mobile. I cannot find Pocket Frogs or Mobage when I search the App Store. Any suggestions? Thanks, DalekCaan1 15:01, April 28, 2012 (UTC) Exterminate.

I tried to load Pocket Frogs and Mobage for Samsung through the browser. I received an incompatible with your device message. I will never buy another Samsung phone. When I contacted my dealer and Samsung about another problem I was very politely told to go have relations with myself. Calmer now, but otherwise phone is still broken. DalekCaan1 15:37, April 28, 2012 (UTC) Exterminate.

Android users can not trade frogs with Apple users. I have both platforms my ID is the same for both. pjmecca if any android users want to make friends. My Andriod platform is almost level 8 so hopefully I can get more frogs and trade with other Android users. For Apple users I am level 20, if the platforms were exchangable both platforms would be high levels by now.

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