Golden Floris

Golden Floris frogs

Floris is a pink pattern or secondary color for frogs. It is a darker pink than the Pink base color and only slightly lighter than the Violet base color. "Floris" comes from the Latin, meaning "to bloom."

Floris frogs are required for a a number of awards:

  1. Pretty in Pink: all 3 frogs must be Royal Floris: one each in the Roboris, Viduo, and Clunicula patterns
  2. Watermelon: all 8 frogs must be Green Floris Nasus frogs
  3. Band Together: 1 of 4 frogs must be a Black Floris Cesti
  4. Endangered 3: 1 of 2 frogs must be a Black Floris Ligo
  5. Legendary 3: 1 of 2 frogs must be a Black Floris Calvaria
  6. Tribal: all 8 frogs must be Black Floris Tribus

Note that Black Floris is a very popular award combination.

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