The Dextera species is a level 6 (rare) breed of frogs. The word "dexter" means "quick footed," hence the footprint marks.



6 (rare)


559 - 838

Growth Time

9h, 20m

Delivery Time

9h, 20m

Flies To Tame


XP For Taming

55 - 83

Previous Species     


Next Species


The Dextera can be obtained via a special event message, such as the offer to download another free Nimblebit game, Sky Burger, or as a gift from another player. You can also purchase Dexteras in the FrogMart for 25 potions.

Dextera offer

These frogs have footprint-like blotches on either side of the body (including the front legs) extending inward. These blotches are in the pattern color while the rest of the body is solid in the base color.

Weekly Sets

2012 - #40 - Leaf Peeping: 2x Tangelo Aurum Dextera

2012 - #31 - Hot Dogs: Cocos Folium Dextera

2012 - #20 - Pizza Party: Beige Bruna Dextera

2012 - #16 - Planet Earth: 2x Blue Folium Dextera

2012 - #11 - Shamrocks: Olive Folium Dextera

2012 - #05 - Raisins: Purple Pruni Dextera

2011 - #39 - Mud Skippers: 2x (Cocos Bruna, Cocos Cafea, Beige Bruna, Beige Cafea) Dextera

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