The Cesti species is a level 8 (rare) breed of frogs. The name "Cesti" is undoubtedly derived from the Latin cestus, referring to a kind of belt. Or is very similar to the Slovak and Slovenian word for road



8 (Rare)


1.683 - 2.516

Growth Time

1d, 4h

Delivery Time

1d, 4h

Flies To Tame


XP For Taming

168 - 251

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Next Species


The Cesti frogs are easily identified by the vertical stripe down the middle of their backs. This stripe is filled in with the secondary color, with matching bands on the frog's limbs. The primary color predominates on the rest of the frog's body.


Award Primary Secondary Pattern Quantity
Gold Rush Golden Aurum Cesti 1
Band Together Black Callaina Cesti 1
Band Together Black Folium Cesti 1
Band Together Black Floris Cesti 1
Band Together Black Carota Cesti 1
Foul Line Olive Albeo Cesti 8
River Rock Black Caelus Cesti 8
Asphalt Camouflage Black Aurum Cesti 8

Weekly Sets

2012 - #43 - Candy Corns: 2x Golden Carota Cesti

2012 - #42 - Fall Sweaters: 2x Golden Bruna Cesti

2012 - #31 - Hot Dogs: Cocos (Aurum, Tingo) Cesti

2012 - #19 - Flowers for Mom: Green Folium Cesti

2012 - #18 - Cinco de Mayo: Emerald Muscus Cesti

2012 - #04 - Laser Beams: Black (Callaina, Muscus) Cesti

2012 - #01 - Pure Gold: Golden Aurum Cesti

2011 - #24 - Prismatics: Glass Chroma Cesti

2011 - #16 - Easter Time: Azure Ceres Cesti

2011 - #11 - Emerald Isle: (Olive, Tangelo) Albeo Cesti

2011 - #01 - Chocolate Blues: Azure Bruna Bovis

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