Note: As of update 3.0+ (currently 3.0.5), the catalog is unavailable; it isn't known whether the developers have plans to re-implement this feature. See here for more information.


In Pocket Frogs, the Catalog is used as a filing system. The catalog is an in-app database where players can keep a record of matured and tamed frogs they have collected in their habitats. The catalog contains 50 slots so players can select and choose the frogs they want to save. These frogs can then be re-ordered and sent to the players’ Mailbox for a cost. The costs of the frogs vary and it can go up to three times the frog's maximum value but it is less expensive than cloning a frog via the Froggydex. The Catalog is completely swappable. The frogs that players have catalogued are not permanent and can be switched around at any time. Players have complete control of which frogs they want to save for later purchase. Frogs can only be added to the Catalog after being fully matured and tamed in “The Pond.”

How to Catalog

When a player clicks on one of the frogs in their habitat, a frog information or frog focus menu will pop up. From the frog focus menu, select “Pond” to take the frog to "The Pond" for taming. Exit out of the Pond and click on the frog that you have just tamed. The frog focus menu will now show an enabled “Catalog” button. When a frog has been catalogued, the catalog button will be disabled.

Catalog Description

In the Catalog, the frogs are listed in the order of when they are catalogued (oldest to the newest). The frog information is as listed:

  • Frog Picture
  • Purchase Cost
  • Frog Name
  • Frog Level and Rarity (example: endangered, etc.)
  • Growth Rate
  • Maximum Value

Purchasing Frogs

A player can go to the Catalog from the Main Menu and purchase the frog they need. Please note that you do not receive Experience Points (XP) for buying frogs from the Catalog. However, you will receive experience points for taming the frogs you have bought from the Catalog once the frog is placed in a habitat.


One of the many strategies employed is to catalog all the base and pattern colors of Anuras. This way, whenever you have a Weekly Set or frog request, it will be simple and cheap to order the right color.