The Calyx species is a level 6 (rare) breed of frogs. A calyx in botany is a cup-like structure, which may refer to the secondary color area which is "cupped" by the two stripes.



6 (rare)


559 - 838

Growth Time

9h, 20m

Delivery Time

9h, 20m

Flies To Tame


XP For Taming

55 - 83

Previous Species     


Next Species


The Calyx frogs are a three-color variation of the Zebrae pattern. While Zebrae frogs have four lengthwise stripes in the pattern color over the base color, the Calyx frogs have the same four lengthwise stripes in black over the base color (making it look like a [Base] Picea Zebrae) with the area between the two middle stripes in the pattern color.

The Calyx is also a playable frog on another Nimblebit game, Dizzypad, on the iPad version.


Award Primary Secondary Pattern Quantity
Tiger Style Tangelo Albeo Calyx 8

Weekly Sets

2012 - #36 - Coral Reef: White Aurum Calyx

2012 - #08 - Snakes!: Maroon Aurum Calyx

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