Feeling Blue

Blue Caelus frogs

Blue is a frog base color a darker blue than the Azure base color and the Caelus pattern color.

Blue frogs are required for several awards:

  1. Single Rainbow: 1 of 8 frogs must be a Blue Albeo Anura
  2. Feeling Blue: all 3 frogs must be Blue Caelus, 1 each in the Adamantis, Viduo, and Stellata patterns
  3. Team America: 3 of 8 frogs must be Blue Albeo Stellatas
  4. Dizzypads: all 8 frogs must be Blue Folium Spinae
  5. Legendary 2: 1 of 2 frogs must be a Blue Albeo Pingo

Weekly Sets

The Final Set!: Blue Callaina Tessera

Veteran's Day 2013: Blue Albeo Stellata x2, Blue Albeo Americano x2

Galaxy Far Away: Blue Albeo Shelbus

Rainbolt: Blue Albeo Figularis

The Blues: Blue Callaina Tessera x2, Blue Callaina Gemma x2, Blue Callaina Arcus x2, Blue Callaina Pluma x2

Summer Fruits: Blue Caelus Lunaris x2

July 4th: Blue Albeo Americano

For Dads: Blue Callaina Palma x2

Shark Attack: Blue Caelus Marinus x4

Memorial 2013: Blue Albeo Americano, Blue Albeo Frondis

Sailboat Race: Blue Aurum Axis x2, Blue Caelus Marinus x3

Earth Day 2013: Blue Folium Planeta, Blue Caelus Marinus x2

Wet Paint: Blue Caelus Pictoris x2

Veterans' Day: Blue Albeo Stellata x2

Coral Reef: Blue Ceres Arbor, Blue Floris Arbor, Blue Carota Arbor, Blue Albeo Arbor

Hawaiian Shirts: Blue Albeo Ornatus

Memorial Day: Blue Albeo Stellata, Blue Callaina Velatus

Planet Earth: Blue Folium Magus x2, Blue Folium Dextera x2, Blue Folium Biplex x2, Blue Folium Obaro x2

Complementary Hues: Blue Carota Biplex

Sparkly Gems: Blue Callaina Signum

Soda Pops: Blue Tingo Biplex, Blue Folium Signum

Superheroes: Blue Albeo Stellata, Blue Tingo Clunicula

Deep Freeze: Blue Albeo Signum x2

Ring Tones: Blue Albeo Gyrus

Hot Rods: Blue Aurum Persona

Ocean Motion: Blue Caelus Marinus x2

Bandaged Up: Blue Albeo Ligo x2

Blueberries: Blue Picea Stellata x4, Blue Picea Viduo x4

Insero Rainbow: Blue Folium Insero

Earth, Fire, Water, Air: Blue Caelus Partiri

Double Rainbow: Blue Chroma Sol

Winter Magic: Blue Albeo Glacio

Lights and Canes: Blue Muscus Clunicula