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Black is a frog base color slightly lighter than the pattern color Picea.


Black frogs are required for the following awards:

Award Description Experience
7. Frog Soldiers Collect a mature Olive Bruna, Beige Ceres and Black Albeo Velatus in one habitat. 2000 xp
9. CMYK Collect a mature Azure, Violet, Yellow and Black Picea Anura in one habitat. 2000 xp
18. Ninja Dojo Collect a mature Black Picea Serpentis, Black Picea Partiri and Black Picea Zebrae in one habitat. 2000 xp
30. Jailbirds Collect 8 mature Black Albeo Partiri or White Picea Partiri frogs in one habitat. 2000 xp
41. Black Widows Collect 8 mature Black Tingo Viduo frogs in one habitat. 2000 xp
43. Guide to the Galaxy Collect 8 mature Black Aurum Stellata frogs in one habitat. 2000 xp
47. Yin Yang Collect a mature Black Albeo Spinae and a White Picea Spinae in one habitat. 4000 xp
50. NimbleBits Collect 8 mature Black Albeo Nimbilis frogs in one habitat. 4000 xp
51. Band Together Collect a mature Black Callaina Cesti, Black Folium Cesti, Black Floris Cesti and Black Carota Cesti in one habitat. 4000 xp
53. River Rock Collect 8 mature Black Caelus Cesti frogs in one habitat. 4000 xp
54. Asphalt Camouflage Collect 8 mature Black Aurum Cesti frogs in one habitat. 4000 xp
61. Endangered 3 Collect a mature Lime Caelus Lucus and Black Floris Ligo in one habitat. 4000 xp
64. Legendary 2 Collect a mature Black Albeo Biplex and Blue Albeo Pingo in one habitat. 4000 xp
65. Legendary 3 Collect a mature Black Floris Calvaria and Olive Folium Floresco in one habitat. 4000 xp
68. Tribal Collect 8 mature Black Floris Tribus frogs in one habitat. 2000 xp

Weekly Sets

Happy 2014: Black Aurum Frondis x2, Black Callaina Frondis x2, Black Floris Frondis x2, Black Albeo Janus

Galaxy Far Far Away: Black Callaina Volta, Black Floris Volta, Black Picea Calvaria

Halloween 2013: Black Albeo Calvaria x2, Black Carota Nodare x2, Black Callaina Volta x2

Costumes: Black Albeo Skeletos x2, Black Aurum Templum x2

Frog Spotting: Black Folium Ludo x2

Pirates: Black Albeo Calvaria

Firefighters: Black Carota Igneous x2

Photo Session: Black Picea Foramen, Black Ceres Janus

July 4th: Black Callaina Frondis, Black Albeo Frondis, Black Floris Frondis

Camping Out: Black Carota Igneous x2

Computer Frogs: Black Tingo Vicis, Black Folium Vicis

Road Signs: Black Albeo Infinitas x2

Tesla Coil: Black Callaina Volta x2, Black Floris Volta x2, Black Viola Volta x2, Black Callaina Corona

Temple Run: Black Albeo Calvaria x3

Happy 2013!: Black Albeo Geminus, Black Albeo Orbis, Black Albeo Sagitta, Black Albeo Persona

Bubbly and Fireworks: Black Callaina Signum x2, Black Floris Signum x2, Black Folium Signum x2

Fall Sweaters: Black Albeo Adamantis x2

Bowl O Rama: Black Picea Anura

Hawaiian Shirts: Black Muscus Ornatus

Fireworks: Black Aurum Signum, Black Carota Signum, Black Callaina Sol, Black Folium Sol, Black Albeo Amfractus, Black Floris Amfractus

June Bugs: Black Bruna Obaro

Tribal Council: Black Ceres Trivium, Black Ceres Pingo

Monarch Butterfrogs: Black Carota Magus x2, Black Carota Ludo x2, Black Carota Zebrae x2, Black Carota Pingo x2

Laser Beams: Black Callaina Bulbus, Black Muscus Bulbus, Black Muscus Ligo, Black Callaina Ligo, Black Callaina Cesti, Black Muscus Cesti, Black Callaina Sagitta, Black Muscus Sagitta

Superheroes: Black Aurum Viduo

Happy 2012!: Black Folium Geminus, Black Folium Orbis, Black Folium Sagitta, Black Muscus Geminus

Binary Data: Black Folium Orbis, Black Folium Sagitta, Black Albeo Orbis, Black Albeo Sagitta

Galaxies: Black Albeo Signum x2, Black Aurum Signum x2

Hot Rods: Black Carota Persona, Black Folium Persona

Skeleton Crew: Black Ceres Spinae x4, Black Ceres Calvaria x4

Neon Trivium: Black Aurum Trivium x2, Black Folium Trivium x2, Black Callaina Trivium x2, Black Floris Trivium x2

Supernovae: Black Chroma Sol x8

Ballerinas: Black Ceres Clunicula x4

Duality: Black Albeo Biplex x4

Neon Veru: Black Floris Veru, Black Folium Veru, Black Callaina Veru, Black Aurum Veru

Neon Insero: Black Folium Insero, Black Callaina Insero, Black Aurum Insero, Black Floris Insero

Color Wheel: Black Callaina Floresco, Black Aurum Floresco, Black Viola Floresco, Black Floris Floresco, Black Muscus Floresco, Black Carota Floresco

Aurora Borealis: Black Chroma Velatus x2, Black Chroma Marmorea x2, Black Chroma Marinus x2, Black Chroma Partiri x2

Fade to Night: Black Aurum Stellata

Glow in the Dark: Black Folium Pingo x2, Black Folium Magus x2, Black Folium Veru x2, Black Folium Ocularis x2

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