The Biplex species is a level 14 (legendary) breed of frogs.



14 (Legendary)


7.702 - 8.979

Growth Time

1d, 21h

Delivery Time

1d, 21h

Flies To Tame


XP For Taming

770 - 897

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Next Species


The Latin prefix bi- means "two," and the suffix -plex means "bend, curve, twist, etc."

The Biplex frog has a similar pattern to the "Yin-Yang" symbol. The line where the pattern and base color meet is curved from the bottom left to the upper right of the frog body. At the lower back of the frog body is a small circle which is filled in with the pattern color that covers the top majority of the frog. All legs except the front left leg are in the base color.

Top Racing Frogs


Speed / Stamina / Value

Beige Bruna

95 / 90 / 8,799

Purple Aurum

91 / 94 / 8,418

Azure Folium

95 / 95 / 7,827


Award Primary Secondary Pattern Quantity
Legendary 2 Black Albeo Biplex 1

Speed and Stamina

Orange Cafea: Speed - 94 / Stamina - 96

Weekly Sets

2013 - #22 - Complimentary: 2x Pink Aurum Biplex

2012 - #37 - Glass Marbles: Glass Caelus Biplex

2012 - #18 - Cinco de Mayo: Red Tingo Biplex

2012 - #16 - Planet Earth: 2x Blue Folium Biplex

2012 - #10 - Complementary Hues: (Purple Aurum, Blue Carota, Green Tingo, Yellow Viola, Tangelo Caelus, Red Folium) Biplex

2012 - #07 - Soda Pops: Blue Tingo Biplex

2011 - #28 - Duality: 4x (Black Albeo, White Picea) Biplex

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