Beige Bruna Adamantis frogs

Beige is a light brown frog base color.

Beige frogs are required for several awards:

  1. Frog Soldiers: 1 of 3 frogs must be a Beige Ceres Velatus
  2. Peanut Butter Jelly Time: all 8 frogs must be Beige Pruni Marmorea
  3. Safari: 4 of 8 frogs must be Beige Bruna Africanus.
  4. Diamondbacks: all 8 frogs must be Beige Bruna Adamantis.

Weekly Sets

Snakes!: Beige Bruna Serpentis, Beige Bruna Zebrae, Beige Albeo Adamantis

String of Pearls: Beige Albeo Bulla x2

Mud Skippers: Beige Cafea Dextera x2, Beige Bruna Dextera x2

Sumo Frogs: Beige Picea Lucus

Smore: Beige Bruna Amfractus x2, Beige Albeo Insero

Argyle Socks: Beige Bruna Adamantis x2

Autumn Evolution: Beige Folium Ornatus, Beige Aurum Ornatus, Beige Carota Ornatus, Beige Bruna Ornatus


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