The Amfractus species is a level 9 (endangered) breed of frogs that is known to grow up to twice the size of average frogs. The Latin word amfractus can refer to a "bend, spiral, or coil (hence the pattern)."



9 (Endangered)


2.617 - 3.983 coins

Growth Time

1d, 21h

Delivery Time

1d, 21h

Flies To Tame


XP For Taming

261 - 398

Previous Species     


Next Species


The Amfractus design is marked by an outward spiral pattern of dots that get farther apart as they spiral out from the center.

Award Primary Secondary Pattern Quantity
Endangered 1 Purple Carota Amfractus 1

Speed and Stamina

Black Tingo: Speed - 59 Stamina - 61

Weekly Sets

In Memory of Mom: Marine Muscus Amfractus

Twilight Zone: White Picea Amfractus x2

Glass Marbles: Glass Floris Amfractus

Fireworks: Black Albeo Amfractus, Black Floris Amfractus

Tribal Council: Beige Albeo Amfractus

Easter Eggs: Royal Aurum Amfractus

S'more: Beige Bruna Amfractus x2

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